About Me

Coaching Experience

I am a professionally trained and soon to be certified Life Coach, helping my clients achieve their personal and professional balance and success. The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify your core priorites and challenges so that you can overcome them with confidence, and light up your life. I specialize in helping my clients create personalized plans and providing tools to move forward and achieve desired goals.

Technical Career

I have nearly 20 years of Software Engineering experience at cutting-edge technology companies including Google and Yahoo! in its heyday. I currently lead a Software Engineering team as a Senior Engineering Manager in Silicon Valley. I also offer guidance to my clients on achieving sustainable technical careers or making shifts to fit their skills and interests. With extensive experience in interviewing and being interviewed, I can also tap into my technical knowledge to help prepare my clients for successful job interviews and career transitions.

Personal Life

As a wife and a mother of two young boys, I bring first-hand experience of juggling the responsibilities of a growing family and a full-time career while also managing relationships and personal well-being. I  deeply empathize with the struggles of early to mid-life professionals and apply my personal experience and compassion to help my clients achieve balance, create a wholesome perspective and fully enjoy all aspects of their rich family life.